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 MASSAGE elite    ​​

                                        Part of your healthy lifestyle

                                                                                                     THERAPEUTIC & RELAXATION

                                                                                                                       MASSAGE THERAPY



Canadian made in Toronto, Ontario

SP1KE Acupressure cushions and mats are available in clinic for your comfort & pain relief while awaiting your treatment!

SP1KE Acupressure cushions and mats are Globally-patented Canadian SP1KE technology.   SP1KE is the most comfortable, healthy seating/standing solution for you because it is designed  to work with each individuals body form.  SP1KE promotes proper circulation through constant massage as you move, eliminates nerve pinching, neutralizes your hips and spine so that you sit straighter, and uniquely molds to your body to provide comfort in key areas and support in others – the places where you most need pain relief and comfort.  The SP1KE seat cushion can be used at home, in your vehicle, or in the office!

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Canadian made in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tiber River All Natural Products 

 Enjoy use of hand soap, lotion, Polar Butter pain relief cream, and Essential Oils during your visit.


It’s what sets us apart from everyone else. Our ingredients are purposefully selected after hours of research, inspiration, and

vuja de-ing. What makes the cut is what creates the most happiness; for our customers and for our planet. And we couldn’t just stop there; we did the unthinkable and shared all this info with YOU, so you can make the best decision for your happiness!

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